"Batys-Munai" LLP declared the winner of the open tender “Construction works of three exploitation wells "turnkey"" organized by "Firma Ada Oil" LLP


"Batys-Munai" LLP defined the winner of the tender "Aktobe KazakhOil" LLP on Lot №1 «Rig-down of  ZJ-40 "turnkey" with pulling back operation, wellhead rig-up with the installation of a cement bridge in well A-114 of Alibekmola field ".


Resulting an open tender hold by CNPC-Aktobemunaigas JSC our company was announced as a winner on Lots №13, 14, 15, 16, 17 “Drilling of Kenkiyak oversalt vertical wells with the depth of 400m, cementing, pit-free drilling, site preparation, technical reclamation, construction of the roads from site access road to drillsite” and also on Lots №25, 26, 27 “Drilling of Kenkiyak oversalt horizontal wells with the depth of 600m, cementing, pit-free drilling, site preparation, technical reclam


Following the results of the open tender held on March 11th, 2013 by "CNPC-Aktobemunaigas" JSC on purchasing Lot #18. "Drilling of vertical wells for КТ-I for cementing, pitless drilling, site preparation, reclamation, road construction"  Batys-Munai LLP was declared as a winner.


In 2012 the staff of Batys-Munai LLP were trained:
by Klinal LLP on the courses "Well control at gas, oil and water flow and blowout safety” - 27 people and "Industrial safety at hazardous industrial facilities" - 55 people, also by the “Training Centre Znanie-Bezopasnost" LLP on the course " Health and Safety" - 61 people.


There was established the Department of Audit and Control to bring discipline and control by the movements and discard assets.
The objectives of the Department are:


Batys-Munai LLP was declared the winner of the open tender conducted 09.07.2012 by Aral Petroleum Capital LLP in Lot №1 "Test well №302 and №303 on Zhagabulak area".


Since April 1, 2011 Batys-Munai LLP provides trainings according to Certificate № 0001310 dated March 9, 2011 issued by the Committee of State Control for Emergencies and Industrial Safety in Republic of Kazakhstan
Training is held for all comers who will be certified on graduating.


With production facilities in Zhanazhol field there is a BOP pressure testing shop with the possibility of testing all kinds and types of BOP at pressures up to 100 mPa. The Company has a State license for the activity. We also have the ability to produce BOP and X-tree pressure testing directly at the wellhead due to on-site representative with a mobile pressure testing equipment (100 mPa). Our prices are below market.


October 29, 2010. Batys-Munai LLP got certificates of correspondence to MS (management system):